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Image:Jean Grave.png|thumb|Jean Grave '''Jean Grave''' (; October 16, 1854, Le Breuil-sur-Couze – December 8, 1939, Vienne-en-Val) was an important activist in the Anarchism in France|French anarchist movement. He was involved with Élisée Reclus' ''Révolté''. Initially a socialist, he became an anarchist after 1880 and a popularizer of Peter Kropotkin's ideas. In 1892 Grave wrote ''La société mourante et l'anarchie'', prefaced by Octave Mirbeau, for which he was sentenced to two years in prison. Mirbeau, like Élisée Reclus, Paul Adam (French novelist)|Paul Adam, and Bernard Lazare had testified on Grave's behalf, but to no avail. The trial only popularised the book, which was rapidly translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Yiddish. An English translation by Voltairine De Cleyre appeared in 1899. Grave was acquitted in the "Trial of the thirty". In...
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